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Frequently asked questions

What measures are you taking to ensure safety during the Covid-19 pandemic?

During Covid-19 we want to keep our guest safe. By offering contactless pickup and delivery we are eliminating person to person contact. All delivery devices are cleaned post and prior to each delivery.

What sizes do your Snax Jars come in?

They come in Large, Small, and Shorty. Large 16oz. - 16 oz of total greatness in your mouth. SHARE, SAVE, OR SAVOR! Great for dates, gifts, and sharing! Small 8oz.- 8 delicious ounces of greatness, to love but NOT to share! Great for a lunch time “Snax” and dinner dessert! Shorty Collection 4oz.- Craving something sweet or just want a sampler? The shorties are just for you. Budget friendly, diet friendly, and still the ultimate satisfaction in a 4oz. jar.

Do you cater events?

Yes! We would love to cater your special event. Please contact us for more details!

What are your hours?

Currently, as a student, my hours are flexible and sometimes unpredictable. Please wait for an announcement via Crack Snax's social media platforms or this website to know when I'll be taking orders. Thank you!

How do I place an order?

We are not taking orders for Crack Snax Jars at this time. However, please make sure to follow us on our social media platforms for updates and pop-up shop announcements! Also, if you're interested in having Crack Snax cater your event or special occasion, please send us a message!